Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev

New Venture Software welcomes Stephen Forte and Atanas Stoyanov as advisory board members

Sofia, Bulgaria - September 11, 2015 - 
New Venture Software, a provider of premium software consulting and custom software development services, today announced Stephen Forte and Atanas Stoyanov as advisory board members. Both Stephen Forte and Atanas Stoyanov will advise on the risks, strategies, plans and performance of the company and provide counsel to New Venture Software's senior management. 

Stephen Forte and Atanas Stoyanov are successful serial entrepreneurs with a number of software companies behind their back. Stephen Forte is a managing director at Fresco Capital, an early stage Venture Fund, while Atanas Stoyanov leads two companies he founded - WooTrader and Top Rank Software.

"We are extremely proud to announce the formation of our advisory board with two visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and all-round exceptional professionals, Stephen Forte and Atanas Stoyanov. Their experience in building and advising numerous software companies will stand New Venture Software in good stead as it grows and continues to deliver the superior software consulting service it is known for today," says Founder & CEO Hristo Georgiev. "It is a privilege to have both Stephen and Atanas advise us on growing our software consulting company."

Stephen Forte, Managing Director at Fresco Capital, said "New Venture Software has built a world class team of designers and engineers and I am proud to join the advisory board. New Venture Software is well positioned to grow and it is exciting to be involved".

Atanas Stoyanov, Founder of WooTrader and Top Rank Software, said "New Venture Software have assembled one of the world’s most talented teams for web, desktop and mobile application development and consulting. It is a privilege to be on the advisory board and I am looking forward to helping them grow the business".

For more information on New Venture Software’s consulting and development services, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com/services/

About New Venture Software New Venture Software is a boutique custom software development and consulting company specializing in the Microsoft technology stack, Telerik products and mobile experiences. The New Venture Software team consists of highly experienced, award-winning professionals who are well-versed in building software platforms and consulting at the highest levels. The company is dedicated to empowering its customers with innovative software solutions capable of transforming businesses. For additional information about New Venture Software, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com/ or follow @NVSoftware on Twitter.

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