Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev

New UI/UX improvements and a lock screen feature added to Elite Interval Training with latest update

The Elite Interval Training app for Windows and Windows Phone has been updated with a number of features as requested by our current users. People on all Windows devices will be able to enjoy new UI/UX improvements. The added improvements feature new visual cues that make it even easier to distinguish between high-intensity and low-intensity workout periods. This was one of our most requested features and we know it will help a lot especially in situations where sounds are muted and the user relies on visual cues while working out.

Here is a couple of screenshots of the new user interface on both Windows Phone and Windows Desktop/Tablet devices:


Windows Desktop/Tablet Devices Screenshot:screenshot_03032015_185935-1024x576


In addition to the new UI/UX improvements, a lock screen feature for Windows Phone users was also implemented. The lock screen feature allows users of the Elite Interval Training app to carry out their workouts while their phone is in their pockets without the risk of unintentionally pausing the app.

Here is a screenshot of the new lock screen feature for Windows Phone:


We like to stay in touch with our users and are always happy to add new functionality to our apps. We never stop working to improve the current experience all of our apps deliver, so if you are using the Elite Interval Training app in your workout and would like to give us feedback please drop us a line at hi (at) eliteintervaltraining.com. Not familiar with Interval training? Go check out our blog on why interval training is good for you and try it out yourself using our universal Windows Interval Training app.

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