Milan Nankov

Milan Nankov

Impressions From Microsoft Tech Summit Birmingham

I have just returned from attending Microsoft Tech Summit in Birmingham and I would like to share my impressions from this event.

Microsoft Tech Summit Birmingham - Venue 1

The Venue

Microsoft Tech Summit Birmingham - Venue 2

The event was held in Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre or NEC. It is a beautiful facility with lots of space. If you are attending an event there, keep in mind that the centre in located some 12 miles away from the city and you should definitely take that into account when arranging your transportation.

Who is the conference for?

Most sessions at the Tech Summit are introductory and provide an overview of how technologies can be used. As a whole this conference is for business people that would like to learn about the opportunities that Azure and Microsoft provide. Also, it is perfectly suitable for developers and IT staff that are beginning their cloud journey. 

I should also point out that there are hands-on labs where you can get more in-depth training and practice.  

How to sign up for Tech Summit

One of the best things about Microsoft Tech Summit is that is free. The only thing you have to do is find the most appropriate location and register online at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/techsummit

Key takeaways

Obviously the cloud is eating the world but at the same time there is a shortage of IT professionals with the skills that the industry needs. This is according to a survey conducted in UK which was announced at the conference. The chances are that the situation is the same in many other countries.

Government institutions and large corporations are starting to embrace the cloud - a lot of opportunity there. The keynote featured two ladies from the British Museum sharing how Azure is helping them analyze data and drive future business decisions. 

As you probably know machine learning gets all the hype these days and rightfully so - many businesses have huge amounts of information which can be used to optimize business decisions, customer satisfaction, sales, etc. You can say that analyzing data has been a tedious process which requires a lot of computational power. It still is but with the latest offerings from Azure in the realm of machine learning significantly lower the barrier to entry. So if you are data scientist it is time to embrace the cloud.

I think you would agree that we haven't ever seen so much innovation in the cloud space and Microsoft is all in. With project like Azure Stack, Azure will be everywhere in one form or another so if I am to choose a cloud platform to invest in that would be Azure for sure.


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