Vladimir Milev

Vladimir Milev

New Venture Software delivers an innovative app for Android

New Venture Software, a provider of premium software consulting and custom software development services, is pleased to announce that it has successfully delivered an innovative native android app for one of its customers. The application is called AudiOh! and it is written using Android Studio. This project is a modern android application that performs audio recording in raw PCM audio format, plays back and visualizes each recording, manages them in local storage and uploads them to an online service for fingerprinting and authentication. It is built using the latest technologies available for the Android stack utilizing content providers, loaders and more. One of the biggest features of AudiOh! is to render a waveform for the recorded sound. Since the app is recording audio at a sample rate of 44.100 Hz we are utilizing a caching technique which allows high performance rendering of the waveform visualization at a solid 60FPS for the more than million data points that need to be displayed on screen.

AudioOh-screens-1024x594 Other more prominent technical aspects of this project are as follows:
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) support
  • In-app purchases and subscriptions
  • Welcome screens
  • Raw audio recording in WAVE format
  • Waveform visualization & playback
  • Google Play services
  • Built in a responsive and modern manner using content providers and loaders
  If you have a bright idea for an app and need assistance realizing it - we are here to help. For more information on New Venture Software’s consulting and development services, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com/services/ About New Venture Software New Venture Software is a boutique custom software development and consulting company specializing in the Microsoft technology stack, Telerik products and mobile experiences. The New Venture Software team consists of highly experienced, award-winning professionals who are well-versed in building software platforms and consulting at the highest levels. The company is dedicated to empowering its customers with innovative software solutions capable of transforming businesses. For additional information about New Venture Software, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com/ or follow @NVSoftware on Twitter.  

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