Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev

New Venture Software Partners With Progress to Deliver an Angular Kendo UI Online Training To 600 Attendees

Progress selected New Venture Software as their preferred partner to deliver a 4-hour Angular Kendo UI online training to some 600 software engineers from around the world.

Sofia, Bulgaria - October 26, 2017 - New Venture Software, a premium professional services, software and user experience consulting provider, announced today it successfully delivered an Angular Kendo UI online training to close to 600 software engineers. New Venture Software, а proud multi-year Progress  partner, was selected and commissioned by the company to develop and deliver the training based on its proven track record of successful projects with both Angular and Kendo UI.
"I'm very pleased that Progress once again selected New Venture Software as their partner to conduct the training session. They've been using our services for quite some time and appreciate the quality we deliver. This engagement strengthens our position as one of the world's leading providers of Progress and Telerik-related professional services," said Hristo Georgiev, Founder, and CEO of New Venture Software. 

“Working with Hristo and the folks over at New Venture Software to set up our Angular training was a great experience. From the beginning, the team was on point and came up with a great agenda that showcased a deep understanding of what a newcomer to the Angular framework needs to know to get up and running, along with expertise in the Kendo UI components. All the attendees I’ve interacted with after the event have spoken very highly of the content and the team that delivered it,” said Carl Bergenhem, Product Manager for Kendo UI at Progress. 

Angular Training

The training New Venture Software delivered was split into several parts with the first one dedicated to TypeScript, the Angular team's language of choice. The attendees got familiar with its syntax and features before moving on to Angular. Apart from explaining the framework's core concepts, New Venture Software also performed a live demo by building an Angular app from scratch and gave the attendees the opportunity to go along and do the coding on their end.

In its core, the training covered Kendo UI for Angular - a framework overview, getting hands-on with the UI components and some common framework features like DataQuery. Again, the attendees were able to participate in the coding process by implementing new features in a Kendo UI web app as they were provided with the project skeleton for the demo project.

New Venture Software wrapped up the training session with a discussion on the available deployment options, how to ensure code quality, debugging and how to go mobile with Angular and NativeScript. The slides for the training are available here. 

"It was an amazing challenge and a huge responsibility to deliver a training of such scale. I was pleased to see so many people turn up and engage during the whole event," said Denis Kyashif, Senior Software Consultant at New Venture Software.

About New Venture Software
New Venture Software provides premium professional services, software and user experience consulting services. New Venture Software is an official ProgressTelerikSitefinity CMS and Logi Analytics partner. 

For additional information about New Venture Software, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com or follow @NVSoftware on Twitter.

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