Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev

New Venture Software Sponsors The 2016 Domain-Driven Design Europe Conference

New Venture Software, a provider of premium software consulting and development services, is honored to be a sponsor of the upcoming Domain-Driven Design Europe 2016 conference, the premier event for developers passionate about tackling complexity in software. The conference will take place on January 26th-29th in Brussels, Belgium.


The highlight of the show, the keynote, will be delivered by Eric Evans, world-renowned thought leader in software design and author of the "Domain-Driven Design" book. Besides Eric Evans, a host of other domain-driven design luminaries, including the author of the "Implementing Domain-Driven Design" book Vaughn Vernon will also deliver talks.

Throughout the conference, New Venture Software's CTO Milan Nankov will be available to network with other passionate software craftsmen. If you want to schedule a meeting with Milan to connect or learn more about New Venture Software, please drop him a line on Twitter here.

About New Venture Software New Venture Software is an expert software consulting, custom software and user experience development company. Defined by its passion for building software the right way, New Venture Software delivers amazing software experiences through technological innovation, thoughtful user experience design and flawlessly built software solutions. For additional information about New Venture Software, please visit http://www.newventuresoftware.com/ or follow @NVSoftware on Twitter.

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