Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev

The ultimate key to professional success?

Be like a bat.

There I said it. If you want to achieve professional success you have to be like a bat.

Just like bats move in complete darkness, when you operate in your professional environment, you could be moving in pitch darkness too. The question is, will you take measures to ensure that you do not “smash into a wall”, but navigate your environment and achieve your goals instead?

Bats have evolved an amazing navigation system, known as echolocation, which allows them to successfully hunt and be active during the night. The principle of echolocation is pretty straightforward, when a sound is produced, it gets reflected from the objects on its path, which results in an echo helping bats determine their surroundings.


Similarly, everything you do results in an echo. Every action you undertake in your professional environment and every job you complete creates some kind of an echo, or feedback, from all the people who have seen you do it. Ideally, you would want to be able to capture all this feedback in its most purest and authentic form. You need this feedback to grow professionally and to know whether you have done a good job. But most importantly, you need this feedback to identify the areas you should work on even more to get better.


So, what tools do you personally use to capture all the feedback that results from your actions? How often do you personally and proactively seek feedback? If the only feedback you gather is from formal performance review tools and initiatives your organization controls (and not you), do you think this will be enough to ensure that you do not operate in complete darkness and achieve professional success?

Regardless of how you decide to define professional success for yourself and no matter what your goals are, you will ultimately need to develop your skills to move forward. The most effective way to achieve that is to proactively gather as much feedback, as immediately as possible about them, and use it to improve.

Our goal at Skillvey is to help people achieve professional success through our technology. Skillvey offers you the tools to proactively gather actionable and authentic feedback about your skills whenever you need it. Be like a bat and avoid that wall! Sign up for early access at www.skillvey.com.


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